Travel Diary : Summer In HongKong

HI guys, so this is my first post and actually, this is my first time blogging. 

So, for my first post I decided to share my trip to Hongkong with my mom. For this trip, we decided to go with AviaTour to Shenzhen-Macau-Hongkong.

So here's the story of my beautiful summer in HongKong :

Day 1 : Jakarta - HongKong - Shenzhen

Our flight to Hongkong is at 10.10 a.m and we arrived in HongKong just for transit and flew again to Shenzhen. We arrived for about 4 p.m. in Shenzhen.

me with my mom on the plane to HongKong

After we arrived in Shenzhen, we eat in one of the restaurant in there (I always forget the name of the restaurant). After that, we went to Lowu Mall which is really similar to Mangga Dua here in Jakarta. I don't really recommend you to go to this Mall because really, there were nothing interesting in there. 

Finally, we called it a night and went to the Hotel. We stayed at Yijia International Hotel for 2 days. The Hotel is pretty good. It's clean and pretty comfortable. Here's my first Outfit for day 1:

White romper : runway_id
Necklace : baecollectionx
Shoes : H&M

Day 2 : City Tour in Shenzhen

First, we went to "Window of The World" which is miniature of popular object around the world such as Leaning Tower of Pisa from Italy, Eiffel Tower from Paris, and Borobudur Temple from Indonesia.

The front of Window Of The World

in front of leaning tower of Pisa

Miniature of Eiffel Tower
Top : chocochipsboutique
White pants : Uniqlo

After that, we watched 2 shows in Splendid China and China Folk Culture Village and then went back to the Hotel.

Day3 : Shenzhen - Macau

We went to Macau by ferry. As soon as we arrived, we went to Ruins of St. Paul.

Lace romper : anastasia.cocoon

Then, we went to the most popular hotel in Macau which is Venetian Hotel and we stayed there for the day.
Venetian Hotel is a luxury Hotel. It's really classic and I love it so much. There is a mall inside the hotel and of course a casino because Macau is popular for their casino right?

Day 4 : Macau - HongKong
On the 4th day we moved to Hongkong by ferry again and then we went to Victoria Peak to enjoy the view of Hongkong from the top. It's really beautiful.

Look at the view of Hongkong from the top
Maxi Dress : Gowigasa

Next, we went to Madame Tussaud which is a wax museum of public figure around the world.

Day 5 : Disneyland 

YEAY, Finally, we went to Disneyland. I'm so excited! :D .

Top : Runway_id (Instagram)
Necklace : Salds0112 (Instagram)

we met my friend from High School that works in Disneyland :D

Day 6 : HongKong - Jakarta

Sadly, it's our last day. We had a breakfast in the Hotel (Disneyland Hollywood Hotel) and it's super cute. Look at this :

OMG Super Cute right? 

even more adorable. can't say no to mickey waffle right?

my high school friends, me, mom, and the tour leader of Avia Tour
Okay, so there is my summer trip to Shenzhen - Macau - HongKong. It's really fun and I enjoyed it A LOT. although the weather is really hot ( I feel like I was gonna melt in there) it's a really fun trip. I gotta meet my high school friends which I've never met for so long, and also I can spend my time with my lovely mom.

It's pretty sad that my brother didn't join us for this trip because he also went to Israel with his wife, which is also exciting. ^^.

Alright, I hope you guys enjoy reading. 

See you next time.